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This is Album #3


Part 3


BELL  &  SHAKER...the 2 brindle Adult Females

Shaker is probably 3 or 4 years old and looks like she may have had her neck broken.  She has to lie down to eat and drink water and her rear legs are stiff when she walks.  Despite this she is an unbelievable fighter when it comes to defending the pack.  We have concluded that she is the alpha female.  At first we thought it was Bell because she seemed to be the enforcer and disciplinarian of Pekoe and the pups. It became clear though that Shaker is the brains of the group.  Our 2nd day with them after all 3 adults obediently dropped out of a dogfight they were winning, they heeled between us and the water, to avoid fighting with the dog who wanted to continue the fight.  We continued down the beach to a restaurant.  When there worried, that the waiters might drive the dogs away if they recognized them as the wild dogs from down the beach, we told them to lie down.  Shaker and Bell dropped down immediately, but Bruno the big male was too proud and just stood there quietly.  Shaker crept forward half-crouched, barred her teeth and gently pecked Bruno on the neck and wouldn't you know it...Bruno dropped too!  I am still aghast ever time I think of was as if she was saying "look we have a good thing going here with these nice people, let's not blow it".

Unfortunately she is pregnant and summer is coming with fewer tourists to feed them and we're worried she won't survive the births with her injuries.

Bell who we originally called Bossdog (we believe now that she is Bruno and Shaker's mother) keeps well-fed.  A Canadian had her spayed last winter and kept three pups (black Whippet versions of Baby and Sandy).  She loves attention, as do all the dogs, but is a bit more starved for it as she isn't as cute as the pups.  She has the best chance of surviving as should Bruno, but I'm worried that a guy here is looking to capture him for the dogfight circuit.

7 months later - We came back to Tecolote at the end of the summer to see how the dogs were doing.  At first we could find no sign of them, then we heard that an old man had moved in on the hill near the beach and adopted Bell and Shaker.  We went over and as we got out of the vehicle they ran out and welcomed us.  Bell jumped up and wrapped her paws around my waist, buried her head in my side and hugged me the way a child does.  I've never seen a dog do that.

The old Man Jesus had several stories about them.  They had cornered a large rattlesnake under his bench until he killed it.  Bell got a bone shard stuck deep in the roof of her mouth and came running to Jesus yelping, then stood quietly with her mouth open while he removed it.  Even he was amazed to see a dog do that.

Shaker had one pup left from her litter when Jesus rescued them from starvation.  The rest were thought to be adopted.




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This is Album #3

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