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This is Album #2


Part 2

THE PUPS...Baby & Sandy


Baby...was born January smaller and redder than Sandy with a white chest.  You can really see the Whippet blood in her and them. She is polite and curious and even when starving, she would rather watch me doing things than eat.  We're worried that she will starve as she will only have eaten a small portion of her food when Sandy and the others will have finished theirs than proceed to eat hers too. All the dogs are polite and never grab or wolf food, no matter how hungry they are, they look at us first nuzzle our hands if we're holding food for them, then start eating.  None of the dogs except Sandy steal food from us.  And none of them defecates even close to our camp.  In fact the only time they disobey is if that's where they're going.  It's hard to believe that pack discipline would make a more house- broken pet than most people could.

We're hoping that a young Venezuelan surfer from Todos Santos is going to drive down soon and pick her up for himself.

Sandy, Baby's sister is bigger and more aggressive than Baby.  She has a voracious appetite and can't seem to get filled.  Every morning she has one or more dried puffers to chew on for her puppy teeth.  The trouble is she eats them, spines and all and you can often see her bringing them up later on.

Unlike the other dogs, she is eager to come in the trailer or truck and is actively promoting her adoption whenever she can.  She's funny, the first 2 weeks she was Teddy's protector if any strange dogs came around, she was like a big sister.  Then she got in the trailer once and saw Teddy's private food and water dishes.  After that she despised him and would have eaten him if she could.  We saw her sitting facing away from Teddy with her eyes squinted half-shut, looking sideways at him with a look of wicked hatred.  The poor little dog  just wants the same security for herself.


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This is Album #2

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