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This is Album #4 

SCALLOP HUNT at San Carlos Part 1


Above & Below Left... Francisco the diver has suited up and is ready to go over the side.  I was amazed at his stamina.  We picked him up a 7AM, arrived off the mangrove banks of Los Barriles at 8AM.  With no breakfast or lunch, he swam until 2:30PM when he had two tacos and a drink without leaving the water.  Then he went back until 6:30PM after which he came out and laid out a feast of raw scallops on the shell which we ate on the trip back to San Carlos.  He had harvested almost a ton of scallops that day.  San Carlos Hospital now has a decompression chamber for divers as over 40 have died in the last 10 years from nitrogen narcosis.


Above & Below right... Diver in water.  Mario watching other boats.  There were hundreds of boats in that one spot alone.  Fishermen came from all over the Baja for this 2 week season.  San Carlos was full of people in makeshift shelters shucking the scallops.  We learned how to shuck in a way that makes the muscle fall off the shell instead of having to carve it off.  It's quite ingenious.  There are miles of Mangrove swamps all around these islands with canals every few hundred feet where you can go in for miles and get lost in the maze.





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This is Album #4

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