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This is Album #8

Nichelle, Frank & Doreen
Recent Pictures
Just a person is notably missing here, it's Don Cantrell.  We looked after his trailer in San Jose for 2 months while he was working in Figi and Indonesia during July and August.  He was a diver licensed to 500 ft. depth...worked for Oceanic Research, exploration and other projects (even the Florida Value Jet crash).  He was an ex-Seattle cop and professional musician.  Benny's mom found him dead in his trailer in early November.  What a shock.  He's 7 years younger than I am, had just retired here, sold his business and was making a few final contract dives around the world.  He was going to train us in SCUBA and certify us this fall.  He's about 6'4"...was getting a few aches and pains, but seemed healthy.  His death was very suspicious...he was found strangled to death in his trailer...we're still waiting on decent autopsy results from the States.  The Mexican authorities didn't want to release his body back to the States.  I have to search through my pictures or borrow some of him to put on this site.

NICHELLE - This picture was taken at a going away party at Mark and Umparo Bender's club house.

It's in a beautiful spot with a view of the "Cabo" rocks (see: Cabo Picture).

Pictures of other people at Bender's party

(click on each heading name):

  • Amy Padilla - was the guest of honour at the party as she and her family were moving back to the States.  She is a recent sister.
  • Umparo Bender (Mark Bender's wife) - was born in Chile where she met Mark.  She speaks perfect English.  Mark spent most of his childhood in Chile because of his father's work.  They have 2 sons, Jacob and Dillon and 2 daughters, Ali and Stephanie. 
  • Mark Bender (See above) and David Pinto - David and Judy Pinto are from Ventura California. They have a son Dennis with them who is recuperating from a serious injury.  Judy is also a new sister.
  • Judy Pinto (see above) - We haven't found out where Judy is from yet, she's also a new sister.  She has a son Dennis who is apparently recovering from a serious accident which caused some brain damage.  I have to get a picture of him yet.
  • Daryl Gagnon - and his wife Debbie are from Sacramento. They have 2 sons Joshua and Seth.
  • Samantha Lawrence - is from Mexico City. Her father is a Gringo and her mother Mexicana.
  • Joe Valazquez - and his wife Yvonne are from Carpentaria, California.  They've lived here for several years.
  • Javier Valdez and Adrian Lopez - Javier and his wife Colleen own and operate the Cabo News.  Javier is from La Paz and Colleen from Calgary.  They have a son, Jason.  Adrian is from Guadalajara but lived 2 years in Toronto.  His wife Katy is from Florida.
  • Jacob Villavicencio - is from Mexico City but lived for several years in Las Vegas.  His parents are still there.


Doreen with Dolly Tamayo - Shopping at the Guayamitas flea market.

see another picture of: Guayamitas Market).

More Pictures of Doreen and a few of Nichelle and Frank

  • Doreen with Rafael Morley and her giant Cabrilla (Grouper)  - While I'm out working hard with a spear gun, Doreen is playing in the waves.  What does she see caught in the surf but this!  She grabbed it by the tail and manhandled it onto the beach where a group of amazed onlookers gathered around...then one of them grabbed it a took off with it, Doreen following behind demanding that he give it back.  They came a got me out of the water (confused).  A bit later Rafael came along got the story, told the guy what he did was wrong...filleted it, gave the thief the head, centre-bone and some meat.  It was delicious!  We figured it was hurt by a longliner fishing boat out at sea, came near shore looking to hide in rock but got caught in a strong surf that it couldn't fight.  That was probably over $350 worth of fish.
  • Doreen with a giant Mastiff  - As big as this dog looks, Doreen is in front of him here so I still didn't capture his size.  It's the biggest head on a dog I've ever seen
  • Doreen with Ben Zwaryck - This was a day shopping in downtown San Jose with Ben.
  • Doreen and Nichelle Todos Santos - In front of a hat and souvenir shop.
  • Nichelle and Ben Zwaryck at the new construction site - Ben is partnered with his dad in a construction company.  We had our trailer at this project site prior to and during construction.  He did a lot of prep work before things got started.
  • Nichelle with Pat our Skipper  -  After I helped Pat paint his boat, he took us out on fishing expedition.  We hooked and lost a Dorado (Mahi-Mahi) and saw six foot Marlin.   Pat is 17 and has been taking fishing tours out in his own boat since he was 14.  He's born in Canada, but his mother who is studying, is from South Africa.  They have an interesting story.
  • Frank and Nichelle (hiding) - This was in Don's trailer at Las Brisas RV Park in San Jose after a long day.  Nichelle never likes having her picture taken.
  • Frank with a Red Snapper - The Baja and in particular the Sea of Cortez is one of the richest fishing zones in the world.  It has virtually every kind of Pacific fish and more.  This was a good catch, the best eating fish there is.  Spearing is get exactly what you want, no throwbacks.  I think I speared it at Nopolo near Loreto.

This is Album #8

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