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Click here for an enlargement of Benny & Nichelle.

Lesley and Cindy Zwaryck & Frank and Doreen Pedley

would like to cordially invite you to the wedding of their children 

Ben and Nichelle

on the 26th of April, 2003.

The Wedding will be in the village of Todos Santos, Baja South, Mexico.  Nearest airports are Los Cabos and La Paz.

The Date is certain...but they're still working out the details for the day.  We'll keep you!

We've been scouting out the accommodations, so if you think you might make it...ask us...if we don't know, we'll find out.

Also for the adventurous, there are plenty of camping spots.  We have a nice beach right next to us too.

Map of the Southern Baja

The family's e-mail addresses

Map to Pedley's Trailer

Telephone numbers in case you get lost.

Map of Todos Santos (wedding site)

Map of Southern Baja...La Paz to Los CabosBACK

Map of Todos Santos with Wedding SiteBACK

Map of Todos Santos & Wedding site    BACK

BACKMap to our trailer near Todos Santos Pedley's trailer...see Construction project     


Ben & Nichelle EnlargementBACK

E-mail Ben & Nichelle
E-mail Les Zwaryck
E-mail Cindy Zwaryck
E-mail Doreen Pedley
E-mail Frank (Francis) Pedley or


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source...Bottom picture of Ben & Nichelle

source...Map of Southern Baja

source...Map to Pedley's Trailer

source...Map of Todos Santos



In Case you get lost when you get is a phone list of local family, friends and acquaintances.
Cell #s always preface with (044).  You use this if calling from within the Southern Baja.
The Mexican Country Code is  (011). The South Baja code is (52).  This is used from Canada or the U.S...for example to call Ben Zwaryck's cell...
dial: (011)(52) 612-859-4766 (leave off the 044...unless calling from within Baja South)

Ben Zwaryck

Todos Santos

cell 612-859-4766

Nichelle Steele

Todos Santos

cell 612-859-2932

Les Zwaryck

cell 044-624-358-0179

Wedding Location

(On Wedding Day only)


Les & Cindy Zwaryck

La Jolla Horizontal

San Jose

cell 624-119-1316

(624) 142-4147

Steve & Cathy Perez

Todos Santos

cell 044(624)113-2319

cell 044(624)113-2337


Lisa Perez

Todos Santos

cell 624-150-7468

Adrian & Katy Lopez

Cabo San Lucas

(624) 143-9447

Javier & Colleen Valdez

(La Paz number)

(612) 123-0319

Mark &  Maricela Binkley

San Jose

(624) 142-6328

(624) 142-1743

Zeidy Ramirez

La Jolla

San Jose

(624) 142-4147

Javier & Colleen Valdez

(Cabo San Lucas number)

(624) 143-4644

(624) 173-4677

Jacob Vilavicencio

La Jolla

San Jose

(624) 142-4147

Cami Tiscareno

Cabo San Lucas

(624) 110-3456

Judy, Dennis Pinto

Cabo San Lucas

(624) 145-9080

Samantha Lawrence

Manzana Nueve

San Jose

(624) 142-5242

(624) 142-5239

Amado & Leticia Renteria

Cabo San Lucas

cell 664-648-6391

cell 624-119-0681

Maria Elena Muriel

Cabo San Lucas

(624) 144-3539

(624) 140-5146

 AA Mondragon

San Jose

(624) 142-2266

Chris & Ellen Sorrells

Cabo San Lucas,

(624) 143-1913

Paco Robles

La Jolla

San Jose

(624) 142-4147