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Ben & Nichelle's Wedding


April 26, 2003

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Cutting the Cake...speech
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opening Gifts
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The day at the judge's office
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Judge.jpg (80728 bytes)facing Judge.jpg (82740 bytes)Nichelle signing.jpg (72671 bytes)Zady signing NichBen.jpg (74611 bytes)
Preparing the Fiesta
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Nichelle, Cathy Perez and Sarah at Zwaryck's home in San Jose del Cabo

Other pictures
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Steve Perez Jr...the music man

Wedding Location...Daytime



Nich Miguels Rest.jpg (70725 bytes)

Ben Working

Nichelle...Miguel's Restaurant

LaPazSouth.jpg (51083 bytes)

 Map of South-Southern Baja

from La Paz to the Los Cabos Corridor

...Click picture to see enlargement.

And if you come for a is a Map to Frank & Doreen's Trailer at Todos Santos.

The most efficient and pleasing way to print out these pictures is using a draw or publisher program or even Microsoft Word if you don't have the others.  That way you can squeeze more onto a page, overlapping parts and adding text.  It is a lot more economical especially if you are using expensive photo papers.  If you are using special photo papers, don't forget to go to print setup and set your printer quality on "best" as well as the type of paper you're using.  If you're using ordinary paper set the quality to normal, otherwise the pictures will appear faded.  You may as well do all your experiments with normal paper on normal settings, then when you know you have it right, put in your photo paper and re-set the print quality and paper settings to "high".

If the pictures are still not printing with the best quality, it's not that it can't be done, it's just that things may not be set up right to make it happen.

In order to print the linked enlargements and get the optimum results, some changes should be made to the pictures themselves.  As the onscreen pictures are only 96dpi, they would print best at 200 or more dpi.  The idea is to increase the dpi but decrease the pictures dimensions until the total memory the picture uses is the same.  This can sometimes be accomplished via your printer setup but more likely will need to be done in a Photo Editor such as Microsoft Photo Editor or Corel Photopaint .  The former is probably hidden somewhere on your system.*  Once you have downloaded the pictures you want to print into a file on your computer, a good way to find Microsoft Photo Editor is "right click" on one of the pictures.  If you have a Photo Editor on you system, it should be one of the choices.  Just click on it and the picture should come up in the editor.

In Microsoft Photo Editor ...go to File (top of page)...then Properties.  You'll notice if you change the Resolution from 96dpi to 200, the height size on the right will go from about 7.35 inches down to about 3.5 inches but the pixels column will stay the same.  The width will stay proportionate.  This is allowing you to maximize the quality of the printable picture to the maximum information available about the picture.

If I get time to create a layout with some of the pictures and you would like one, e-mail me at and I'll send it to you as an attachment you can use.  Or if you create an interesting layout, send it to me so I can use it.  Also...all these pictures are available in a bit larger format so that they are about 4 inches high at 300dpi.

*Most of these procedures work for Windows XP.

In the editor...go to "image" then "resize" or "resample" at the top of page. 

                                  Frank Pedley